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The Guntrip Trust offers financial support to people in religious vocations who:

• wish to have psychotherapy, counselling, or group therapy (see below for criteria)

• wish to undertake a form of psychodynamic training in the field of human relations

• wish to be supported in their work through having professional psychodynamic consultation

Positive Support for those in Ministry

Many women and men engaged in the day-to-day work of ministry are finding support through various forms of counselling, spiritual direction, and supportive supervision/consultation.  Religious leaders can benefit from approaches such as individual counselling or psychotherapy, marital therapy, or therapeutic group work to counter the personal and emotional demands of their work. Or they may simply feel they need space and time to reflect on the challenges and pressures they face.

Sometimes it may be helpful for individuals to meet with others in a reflective practice group.  This supportive method allows participants to talk about their work in a non-judgemental and in-depth manner.  It has as its aim the discovery of meaning, and the role of the unconscious in daily life, and allows individuals to reflect on problematic situations in new and creative ways. 

Financial Support for Groups and Individuals

The Guntrip Trust exists to advance education and training in the field of human relations and to provide bursary help for religious leaders in Scotland and the North of England.   Financial support is available for religious workers to find the training and help they need, which complements and supports their faith, in a confidential setting.  Bursaries are available for people (or their spouses) who wish to have psychotherapy or counselling from professionals who meet the criteria, i.e. are registered with either 

the British Psychoanalytic Council

the Scottish Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

or are professional members of Human Development Scotland

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If someone is already in therapy when they apply for a bursary to help with fees, their application will be considered provided the practitioner is a registrant of one of the above named bodies.  

In addition to offering financial support to individuals, the Guntrip Trust 

•organises consultations exploring the connections between religious faith and   psychotherapy.  

• encourages religious workers to develop their skill in 'reflective practice' through work-based reflective groups in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. Please contact the Chair if you would like to discuss organising a reflective practice group in your area.

• organises public lectures 

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