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Books by Harry Guntrip

Psychoanalytic Theory, Therapy, and the Self

Personality Structure and Human Interaction: The Developing Synthesis of Psychodynamic Theory (Maresfield Library)

Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self

Psychoanalytic Theory Therapy and the Self

Psychology for ministers and social workers,

Your mind and your health: A simple account of the nature, causes and treatment of nervous illness

Links to Internet PAPERS

Faith, Theology, and Psychoanalysis: The Life and Thought of Harry S. Guntrip


‘My experience of analysis with Fairbairn and Winnicott’, Harry Guntrip, 1975


Guntrip’s extension of the theories of Ronald Fairbairn, Scottish psychoanalyst, by Loray Daws 2013


'The disowned self’ by Hans Beihl 2013


Harry Guntrip quotes

“Complaints of feeling cut off, shut off, out of touch, feeling apart or strange, of things being out of focus or unreal, of not feeling one with people, or of the point having gone out of life, interest flagging, things seeming futile and meaningless, all describe in various ways this state of mind. Patients usually call it 'depression', but it lacks the heavy, black, inner sense of brooding, of anger and of guilt, which are not difficult to discover in classic depression. Depression is really a more extraverted state of mind, which, while the patient is turning his aggression inwards against himself, is part of a struggle not to break out into overt angry and aggressive behaviour. The states described above are rather the 'schizoid states'. They are definitely introverted. Depression is object-relational. The schizoid person has renounced objects, even though he still needs them.”

― Harry Guntrip, Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self

“There cannot be a whole complete human being without an integration of feeling with thinking and acting, provided by ‘doing’, arising spontaneously out of the fundamental experience of ‘being’.”

― Harry Guntrip, Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self

“External relationships seem to have been emptied by a massive withdrawal of the real libidinal self. Effective mental activity has disappeared into a hidden inner world; the patient's conscious ego is emptied of vital feeling and action, and seems to have become unreal. You may catch glimpses of intense activity going on in the inner world through dreams and fantasies, but the patient's conscious ego merely reports these as if it were a neutral observer not personally involved in the inner drama of which it is a detached spectator. The attitude to the outer world is the same: non-involvement and observation at a distance without any feeling, like that of a press reporter describing a social gathering of which he is not a part, in which he has no personal interest, and by which he is bored. Such activity as is carried on may appear to be mechanical. When a schizoid state supervenes, the conscious ego appears to be in a state of suspended animation in between two worlds, internal and external, and having no real relationships with either of them. It has decreed an emotional and impulsive standstill, on the basis of keeping out of effective range and being unmoved.”

― Harry Guntrip, Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self

“The antilibidinal ego will snatch everything away if it can: analysis, friends, religious comforts, creative activities, marriage, and we need to be able to determine the exact source of its power, remembering that it is not an entity per se but one aspect of the patient's total, if divided, self, and withal to be respected as his genuine struggle to keep his ego in being, originally in the absence of all help.”

― Harry Guntrip, Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self

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