Guntrip Trust public lectures

Public lectures take place annually, addressing the intersection between religion, culture, and psychoanalysis

The 2016 Memorial Lecture in memory of Murray Leishman was given by June M Campbell, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, on the subect of 'Psychoanalytic perspectives on the infinite'.  A tribute to Murray Leishman, ‘Mapping a journey’ was given by The Rev David S M Hamilton

The 2017 lecture, 'Psychoanalysis and religion: auld enmity or new alliance?' was given by The Rev Dr Alistair Ross, Associate Professor Psychotherapy, Oxford University

The lecture was given in 2018 by The Rev Canon Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral London 

'Reading Between the Lines: poetry, therapy and faith'

Craiglockhart Hospital and its Poets 1916-1919: 

A Centennial Perspective

The Rev Professor David Fergusson OBE will deliver the Lecture on the subject of  Craiglockhart War Hospital and its Poets 1916 - 1919. He writes: 'From 1916-1919 in the south of Edinburgh, Craiglockhart War Hospital provided treatment for 'shell shocked' officers. Siegfried Sassoon's encounter at Craiglockhart with fellow poet Wilfred Owen and his treatment by W. H. Rivers, his psychiatrist, have been fictionalised in Pat Barker's prize-winning novel Regeneration. While discussing these three celebrated figures, this lecture will also explore more broadly the work of the hospital and its physicians, noting their contested methods and assessing the outcomes for those traumatised by the experience of war.'

David Fergusson OBE is Professor of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh. A distinguished theologian and lecturer with broad research interests, he participated in a cross-disciplinary project on theology and therapy within the University of Edinburgh from 2010-13. Drawn from theology, religious studies and counselling, the research team explored ways in which psychotherapy developed holistically in Scotland during the second half of the twentieth century. Much of the background to these initiatives can be traced to the experience of the Great War.

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